Working in South Korea

South Korea, the land of Kpop and Korean Drama, not my style though. I came in Korea, 3 years ago, thinking that life here will be better than in my country. At first was hard to adapt, because of the culture difference, the food, the mentality, everything is different and a lot of things that I considered normal, were not normal for korean people and vice versa. Stupid example : ” Oh my God! You are so fat! You have to lose weight!”. Keep in mind that they are not your friends, they’re just friends of your friends. Before you think that this happened to me, let me stop you. No, not to me, but it happened in front of me. I felt so embarrassed looking at my ” fat” friend’s shocked face. In that situation, common sense zero!!!! I can’t generalise and say that there’re all disrespectful, but sometimes one says or does something that makes your jaw drop, and after that you need like 20 minutes to pick it up and put it back.

I have filipino, korean, mongolian, american, english and spanish friends here. I don’t care where are you from, gay or straight , what is your occupation, or what color is your skin as long as you are a good person, a person from whom I can learn something. I’ve never experienced racism till I ” landed” in Korea. I was denied the entrance in a club in Gangnam only because they thought that I’m russian. After I shown them my alien registration card, that still said no, because “Romania is a Russian country and we all speak russian language “! You dumb ass!!!! Romania was never part of USSR, and our language is completely different! Russian language is slavic language and romanian is a latin one. One of my american friend went to a job interview to a kindergarten and they didn’t hire her because she is black. The reason was that “the children will be scared because she is not white”. Yes, they said that in her “f”word face. This is racism, not what happened to me. Nice!! Good job!!

As a foreigner in Korea sometimes it can be hard. Some of the employers will not pay you on time, or they will pay you less than you deserve, they will kiss your ass only when they need you and once they don’t need you anymore, your face will be just like toilet paper for their ass. One of my jobs here was through a recruitment agency. After the first month of working they told me that they sent my salary to another person, and a have to wait until they receive the money back. Finally they said that I will receive my salary at the end of the second month. After 2 months of working a received 212.000 won, let’s say 212 dollars. When I talked whit my recruiter she told me that was a mistake. No, no was not! I went to the her office, because she stopped answering my calls, and she told me that she “forgot” to tell me that the company takes 55% per month commission.  Say what?!?!?!?!?! In the contract that we signed was specified that the commission is 3.3%. I went to a lawyer that, well, practically told me that it’s better to “let it go, let it go” (Frozen style ).

Now I am working in another place, my co-workers and boss, all koreans, are very nice. Thank you God, I don’t have the same problems like before. I’m not trying to say that living in Korea is soooo bad, and this country sucks, because it’s not true.  Korea is a beautiful country, with nice people, but please don’t think that korean dramas are real. Shit happens sometimes. The same things can happen in other countries too, so please be careful. Korea, like any other country, has good and bad parts.

P.S.: Again, excuse my grammar. Me small english. Me romanian.

My “?”

Let me start by saying that I’m lost…I don’t know what to do with my life. I’m 29 years old and I really lived this years thinking that i know what I want. No! No! No! I was so “f”word wrong.

In high school I realised that I want to be a lawyer. After a bad experience with my parents divorce, I wanted to make justice, to protect the mothers from the “fathers”. After 4 years I finished Law University and the reality hit me so hard. By the way, I’m romanian. In Romania there are 4 sure ways to become a lawyer:

  1. You have to have a family member  that is a lawyer, judge… I had only debts.
  2. You have to have money to pay one lawyer to hire you in his law office…My piggy bank was on diet.
  3. You have to be a genius…Well hell, I’m not one, I mean I know how to tie my shoes on. Genius?!?! No?!?! Ok then I’m not.
  4. And last, but of course not least, you have to “find a lawyer” that wants to “take a nap” with you. Ok now, before you think I’m this Shrek daughter… Miss Universe I’m not, but then again the mirror doesn’t break when, by mistake, I look at. I have principles (thank you mom) and doing something like that it’s a BIG NO!NO!

So, I’ve lost 4 years of my life for a dream. Now thinking, I know that decision was made only because of my parents experience and I never really wanted to become a “liar” (thank you Jim Carrey).

After graduation I left Romania. I wanted to find my dream. Some smart people, I don’t know them, maybe they drinked tea from Einstein cup and they became smart, say that everyone has a quality, a skill. Well buddy, you didn’t meet me. So my big question is: What is my purpose on this big, expensive Earth? What is my skill? Don’t get me wrong now, I searched and searched but nothing. I think (not) I’m a special girl. My skill is somewhere deep inside my brain, but because my mind is full of “something”, I don’t know what, is very hard to find it.

Now, that I introduced myself, just like a “professional”, please allow me to ask you: ” Do you have the same problem? Do you know yourself?

Please tell me that I’m not the only “girl” ,soon to be THAT “old lady with 32 cats”, that has this stupid questions. I’m planing this blog to be a type of diary, so if you want to read, ok, if not well, still ok.

P.S.: Excuse my trashy English. Me no English, me Romanian.